Personal Training is one of your greatest assets for success. At The Fire Personal Training Studio, our primary focus is assisting our clients’ in developing their ability to reach their health and fitness goals.

Through motivation, health education, accountability, strength training, and nutritional coaching, we create an individualized plan that will ensure success and sustainability. In other words, we find out what you want to achieve, create a plan and hold you to it.

One on One Personal Attention is What You Get from the Personal Trainers at The Fire!

All our clients receive an initial one-on-one fitness evaluation to assist us in knowing exactly what you want to accomplish.

All our personal training strategies have the potential to assist YOUR body in recovering from injury, reducing or eliminating pain, increasing metabolism, and experiencing high energy. In short, movement and strength is the elixir for an increasing overall since of well-being. We are experienced in working around many of the maladies slowing people down regardless of age or fitness level. We have experience with individuals of every age, and many of our clients are over 50! Right now our youngest is 86!

What is your goal? Your goal, not ours, means the most to us! We make sure regardless of your age or how much weight you may need to lose or if you have had injuries along your journey of life, even knee replacements, hip replacements, back pain, knee pain…if we can work around it, we will. 

What matters is that you KNOW we care and we will do all we can to support you!

Is It for me?

Think about what time you want to work out, what your goals are, and your budget. No matter what you want to achieve, your timing, or how much you can invest in your health, we can develop a plan for your success.

A Personal Training Plan Made for YOU!

Do you have specific injuries you are healing from? Are you experiencing pain right now? How much fat would you like to burn off of your body, and how much tone and strength would you like to gain? Are you low energy?

Is personal training for you?
If you want to ensure success, YOU BET!