In the Media, radio, TV, you tube, google, your neighbor, your friend, billbards, advertising, and multiple “best-selling” books are telling you how, what and when to eat. The amount of  information available about food is overwhelming! All the books about weight loss, if stacked on top of each other, would probably go from here to the moon. Fortunately, the personal training team at The Fire, Kam Parker, April Dennis and Bengi Rogers have a combined experience in body transformation and weight loss of over three decades! We have read and sorted through as much information as we can, over the years put programs to the test, and have picked the best research backed, science based weight loss solution for you! Our goal is that we can provide a weight loss serivice that will create a lifetime of weight loss success! If you are someone has ever attempted to lose weight, lost and gained, we feel confident you will LOVE the program we have adopted.

Our primary program is a science based weight loss solution known the Transitions Lifestyle System Weight Loss Solution. “TLS” as it is affectionately known,  is different from other weight loss programs because it focuses on obtaining or maitaining a healthy body fat percentage. If you are unfamiliar with body fat vs weight loss, we are happy to explain how maintaining or gaining lean muscle tissue increases your metabolism thus your fat-burning; and how burning your muscle leads to the yo-yo we all are so familiar with. This “I lost weight but I don’t feel very good” or “I couldn’t keep it off”  often comes from weight loss programs that may only focus on the “scale weight” and that “drop in weight” may not inform you of what changes are really occuring. If you “lose weight” you need to know was it water, muscle, fat, all three? With TLS Weight Loss solution, participants are “TRANSITIONING” from a “fat-storing body” to a “fat buring body.”  Healthier food choices, and exercise as well as sleep quality and hydration are all important factors of a person’s success.  The TLS Weight Loss Solution is an educational program with the information you need to not only fit in the clothes in the back of your closet, often people have more energy and an elevated sense of well being. In other words, as Kam likes to say, “You’ll feel good in your skin!”

Three times a year, we hold a 12 week course for those who would  like a faciliator, a coach, a guide  hold your accountable as you make the changes needed to create the health you desire.

Like personal training, weight loss needs to be individualized. All of our personal training clients recieve a certain level of weight loss support if burning fat is one of their goals. Some individuals like one on one coaching and some prefer a group. Either way, The Fire is happy to report an almost 100% sucess rate with our dedicated clients who followed the customized suggestions of the TLS Weight Loss Solution. For more information of to take a “FREE DIETERS PROFILE” visit our site.

Please note, we are not nutritionists or dieticians, so if you have a specific medical need you feel you need to address, we encourage you to speak with your primary health care provider and see if our services can assist you in what goals they may establish for you. We have nurses and physicians who train with us,and have had success in our programs, so we are happy to talk personally to and work closely with  your physician, nutritionist, dietician or other certified health care provider who provides you the care and professional advice you need. 

Our “job” is to sort through all that information, and bring you the science-based information that has proven to create results! Remember, we are at your service, and are 100% committed to you success!