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TLS Weight Loss Solution ~  Weight Loss Coaching Fun and Effective

The Fire Personal Training Studio offers weight loss coaching to all of our clients who feel that is an important part of their wellness goals. Our weight loss coaching includes the science-based TLS Weight Loss Solution, a system that incorporates glycemic-impact eating, supplements that may assist your body in accelerating weight loss and reduce “the struggle” of changing behavior. Though we will coach using the TLS Weight Loss Solution on an individual basis, we also offer 12 week group supported series two to three times per year. 

Learn more about the TLS Weight Loss Solution in individual  sessions, or plan on attending one of our 12 week series. Right now we are holding a session series that ends July 8th. If you would like to know more about how to join our group weight loss sessions, please contact April Dennis, our certified TLS Coach and Trainer directly at 

Our 12 week series is facilitated by April Dennis, BA, CI-CPT, Certified TLS Coach and TLS Trainer. Each week covers a topic that guides you on your weight loss journey! Join others as you heal and rev up your metobolism to create a wellness lifestyle where weight loss is the permanent side effect. April has years of experience in cooking healthy meals, overcoming chronic pain, the hazards of yo-yo dieting and other topics that will empower you to lose 20 to 36 pounds in just three months!

For current clients, individual weight loss coaching sessions are $25 per half hour or $40 an hour. Individuals who are seeking assistance in weight loss only and do not wish to strength train with us will be considered on a case by case basis. We are at your service! 

TLS Weight Loss Solution Fat Burning Success

Here are just a few examples of the results we have achieved in our studio with The TLS Weight Loss Solution. Each client listed has given us permission to share their story! We look forward to adding your name to our list of those who have successfully lost weight through focusing on wellness and strength.

TLS Hall of FAME:

Joe J. lost over 100

Sarah R. lost over 60

LeBrun F. lost over 65

Richard and Betty C. lost over 53 pounds together!

Vanessa B. lost over 20!

Allan L. lost over 20 (30% to 16.6% in 12 weeks!)

Lish H. lost over 30

Pam H. lost over 20

Megan K. lost over 20

Allan P. lost over 20 (In 6 weeks, and gained 8 lbs muscle)

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Do you have specific injuries you are healing from? Are you experiencing pain right now? How much fat would you like to burn off of your body, and how much tone and strength would you like to gain? Are you low energy?

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