Are you ready to change your life? We’ve got the people and the equipment to help you make it happen!

Our Schedule and Rates

Personal training is for everyone, not just celebrities. Personal training is the most effective way to reach your weight loss and fitness goals in a safe, effective manner. The Fire Personal Training Studio offers affordable, effective, and fun personal training! Our personal training is affordable because we offer one-on-one rates and group personal training rates well below the national average. We tell you right here right now what you pay. We are not used car salesmen or the occasional gym that is all about sales ~ WE ARE ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS SUCCESS. We are confident you will quickly know the value of what we do exceeds our fees. Don’t be shy, come in and meet us.

One on One Personal TrainingIf you train with us one-on-one, our rate is $45 an hour when you commit to training 2 to 3 times per week. You can split that rate with a friend or create a small private group (up to 5) at $25 each.

Group Personal Training: We also have a unique fun Group Personal Training option. You can participate in a group at $12 per session. Groups will close at 12 people to keep it personal. 

The TLS Weight Loss Solution: Our unique healhty lifestyle program that teaches you how to heal your metabolism and get the body you always wanted,

What you need to succeed, we intend to provide. A fun workout, effective weight loss coaching, motivation, and accountability all for the price of giving up soda and fast food or cigarettes and candy bars or the daily gourmet coffee run. Remember, if weight loss is your goal we emphasis that you could lose weight many ways, keeping the weight off for permanent weight loss is the healthy lifestyle we teach and support. Weight loss (FAT BURNING) is a side effect of wellness. Make wellness your lifestyle and your ideal weight becomes a way of life!

These rates are based on an 8 to 12 session commitment (1 month). There is no contract or hidden fees; and we ask you to only pay month to month.

Is It for me?

Think about what time you want to work out, what your goals are, and your budget. No matter what you want to achieve, your timing, or how much you can invest in your health, we can develop a plan for your success.

A Personal Training Plan Made for YOU!

Do you have specific injuries you are healing from? Are you experiencing pain right now? How much fat would you like to burn off of your body, and how much tone and strength would you like to gain? Are you low energy?

Is personal training for you?
If you want to ensure success, YOU BET!