The Meet & Greet:
You may not know if we are the right place for you yet, so we suggest you read our bios (link this) and pick the trainer you feel will understand your story and call us to schedule a Meet & Greet. This is a free sit down and talk meeting to check us out and get to see our beautiful studio. We care about you, and meeting your trainer will assist you in feeling comfortable and confident with our abilities to assist you in being successful.

The Fitness Evaluation:
Many of our clients have heard about us through friends and family who have worked out with us and lost over 90 pounds or just feel happier moving their bodies. Lifting weights and building strength boosts your mood, raises your metabolism and is the known fountain of youth. If you KNOW our studio is the place for you, schedule a fitness evaluation for $25. We will make sure we know how to keep you safe, and begin to develop our strategy for coaching you to successfully reach your the fitness and wellness goals. Today is the best day to call, and now is the best time to start. What do you have to lose? 10 pounds? 50 pounds, 100? You are only 1 to 3 months from feeling more energy, experiencing success and losing up to 30 pounds of body fat. We have helped many of every age and fitness level lose weight and feel their best.

Is Personal Training for Me?

Think about what time you want to work out, what your goals are, and your budget.
No matter what you want to achieve, your timing, or how much you can invest in your health, we can develop a plan for your success.

A Personal Training Plan Made for YOU!!

Do you have specific injuries you are healing from?
Are you experiencing pain right now?
How much fat would you like to burn off of your body?
How much tone and strength would you like to gain?
Are you low energy?

We believe in you! You can feel your inner fire! We’ll ignite your motivation. We’ll encourage you to forgive past mistakes and release guilt. Now is the time to move forward and embrace your success. You can do this, we KNOW you can!

Still not sure? Just pick up the phone and call 828.505.7080. Come meet us and let us get to know you a little bit. There’s no obligation, let’s see if we are a good fit for you, your goals and the healthy lifestyle you want to live. We are a family owned local establishment with experienced trainers who have been through our own ups and downs. We know what it’s like to be overweight, to smoke, to thrive after cancer, to have food cravings or addiction and we will do all that we can to make you feel cared for and welcome while building your strength and determination to succeed. 828.505.7080 Why wait? We are here for you.

Is personal training for you? If you want to ensure success, YOU BET!

What’s New?

  • Check out our newest feature–a weekly fitness tip from our top trainers!
  • Our refer-a-friend special is back! Get three months free when a friend or relative signs on!