Bengi Rogers, CI – CPT 

The Cooper Institute – Certified Personal Trainer

Bengi grew up in Puerto Rico swimming, scuba diving and surfing. He relocated to Asheville and pursued skateboarding and guitar. Caught up in effective advertising and peer pressure, he began smoking cigarettes at 17. Though a smoker, Bengi remained a natural athlete enjoying frisbee golf, skateboarding and basketball. When his mom, April Dennis, opened The Fire Personal Training Studio, he reassessed his health. He was underweight, but overfat, and had little wind for the sports he enjoyed. After counting up how much money he had spent on cigarettes, and thinking about how much they had robbed him of feeling his best, he made the decision to quit smoking.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

He then began to pursue fitness training for himself and as a career. Bengi demonstrates a strong commitment to adhering to a new healthy lifestyle. He now runs, and enjoys lifting weights. He gained 15 pounds of muscle and dropped from 20% to 12% body fat as a participant in The Fire’s GET STOKED power half-hour lunchtime group personal training. Bengi is certified as a Personal Trainer by the renowned Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research. He enjoys working with individuals on every fitness level.

He believes consistency and accountability will lead to the results you’re searching for.

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