Are you ready to change your life? We’ve got the people and the equipment to help you make it happen!

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training Sessions are limited to 12 people. Group personal training is a unique way to experience the expertise of a Personal Trainer for an affordable rate. Personal training groups our limited to 12 people so our talented trainers know who you are and what you intend to accomplish. YOU are NOT a stranger walking into a BIG GYM where no one knows your name. We are more like “Cheers” where we care and our clients are friendly and mostly nice. Ha!

Our personal training groups are on-going, so pick a time that is best for you. We are so poplular you better hurry. Your spot is YOUR spot! Start today! If you want to lose weight permanently, gain confidence, increase energy and be supported by a professional uniquely experienced trainer who knows how to create fun and effective workouts. You will also work with individuals with similiar goals, all while having fun! You have always wanted to stick to something that works, now is your chance!

One month package of Group Personal Training (Fire Starters, Fireworks and Sizzlers)

$144 (12 sessions)

$96 (8 sessions)

Each session is 55 minutes

Want to try ONE class? Sign a waiver and your first class is free, but you must call and let us know your coming. 

Choose the times you need to workout to be consistent and maintain your progress toward your fitness and weight loss goals.

Group Personal Training Schedules

FireStarters: Our primary Group Personal Training Class (every workout unique and doable!)

For those who want to burn fat, lose weight and increase overall fitness while having fun and interacting with others. Regardless of your fitness level, or how much weight you need to lose, this fun strength building/fat burning/calorie consuming workout will work for you to dramatically increase your quality of life.

Current FIRESTARTERS schedule

6:30 am M/W/F

7:30 M/W/F
8:30 am M/W/F

8:00 am T/Th
9:00 am T/Th

12:30 pm M/W/F
5:30 pm M/T/W/Th/F

Sizzlin’ Seniors Personal Training Group

Though we have individuals over 60 in most of our classes, the Sizzlers is a group personal training class designed especially for older adults who are just getting started or need a slower paced functional “keep me strong” class. Our clients dramatically improve their balance and strength within the first 8 to 12 sessions (one month!). You will feel stronger, increase your agility and balance, lose weight and have fun in this interactive class, no matter your fitness level or age.

Sizzlers Schedule

9:30 am M/W/F
10:30 am M/W/F

Kettlebells  available for one on one training or in small groups.

Kettlebells are one of the best fat-burning tools out there, and many trainers are using them in various ways that may or may not make you more fit. Our Personal Trainers design Kettlebell workouts based on the traditional Russian Kettlebell system. Regardless of your fitness level, you can enjoy a safe and effective kettlebell workout that will create a unique synergistic sensation of fitness. Kettlebells are used only when they are SAFE for you!

To begin your journey to a happier healthier you call 828-504-7081 and set an appointment with one our professional Personal Trainers for a fitness evaluation.

Is It for me?

Think about what time you want to work out, what your goals are, and your budget. No matter what you want to achieve, your timing, or how much you can invest in your health, we can develop a plan for your success.

A Personal Training Plan Made for YOU!

Do you have specific injuries you are healing from? Are you experiencing pain right now? How much fat would you like to burn off of your body, and how much tone and strength would you like to gain? Are you low energy?

Is personal training for you?
If you want to ensure success, YOU BET!