Welcome to The Fire PersonalTraining Studio.

Located in beautiful Western North Carolina, on the east side of Asheville, Land of the Sky ~
At The Fire Personal Training Studio, we focus on your health goals: weight loss, increasing muscle tone, increasing energy, getting motivated, increasing strength, improving balance, and staying healthy. We provide affordable personal training where you can feel comfortable, have fun, and receive effective wellness and lifestyle coaching. While all ages, and fitness levels are welcome, we specialize in fitness and weight loss over 50. Do you want lose weight, get fit, stay safe and feel stronger? The Fire CARES about you!

We support you in achieving your fitness and weight management goals through fun, accountability and an individualized plan you receive DAY ONE. You know there is a ton of weight loss and fitness information out there, but what is going to work for you? And how many of those programs focus on people who have never worked out? Or those who want to get fit over 50?  With almost three decades of experience in weight loss and functional fitness, The Fire Personal Training Studio will tailor the workout to your specific physical needs and weight loss or body transformation goals. Losing weight is a science. YOU need a guide. Release any guilt or shame you have associated with past failures! If you are an overweight youth or a 65 year old who has struggled with their weight all their life. We have the solution! Weight loss is a SIDE AFFECT of wellness, come enjoy how we focus on enhancing your mood, increasing your energy, and increasing your sense of well being by FOCUSING on maintaing or increasing lean muscle while dropping fat and the water that bloats you. 

Our style of training is really different. Face it, working out isn’t always fun or about friends. But as a Fire Client it will be for you! Our training is about relationship, its about feeling comfortable and accepted in our studio no matter how heavy you are, or what shape you’re in  or how old you may feel. It’s about walking into a place that makes you smile. We don’t have any mirrors on our walls, because we want you to feel at home. At The Fire you will experience effective fun fat-burning body strengthening workouts. If you desire weight loss, and feel like its “too late,” you have found the right place! Our success stories are incredible, and we can’t wait for you to meet them!! We believe in you!

Our trainers know your name, your goals and are fully committed to your success, maybe more than you are. That’s ok! Show up and watch what happens! SHOW UP and YOU WIN! You are only 21 Days from feeling and looking completely different! Ask us about our 21 Day Challenge!

Inspired by The Biggest Loser  on NBC, or all the fantastic weight loss success being promoted? We are too. However, we translate all that success “noise” into information that works for YOU, the individual. And who cares if you lose weight, hundreds lose thousands every year; we focus on PERMANENT weight loss and the TLS Fat-Burning Lifestyle. 

We invite you to join us! Come have fun, begin your journey, and become the healthier leaner you! We are conveniently located at 736 Tunnel Road across from Play It Again Sports, next to Alan’s East side Jewelry, 3 minutes from downtown Asheville. If you are not located in Western North Carolina, we offer online coaching and personal training through video chat. This IS your chance, the game-changer, you can lose weight and keep it off forever! 

Remember now is the time to have fun and burn fat! Start a fitness program that will teach lifestyle changes that will result in permanent weight loss!  Weight loss for those over 50, over 60, no problem! Our TLS Weight Loss System works! Whether you need online coaching or live nearby, call for an appointment today to meet us, or if you’re ready set a fitness evaluation today!

Now is the best time to come in and check us out! Why wait? Why not give us a shout! Call 828.505.7080 and set a Meet & Greet Appointment. Let’s get to know each other! Tell us what you would like to accomplish right now!