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The Fire is an independent distributor of science based supplement lines that we are having great results with in our studio, and with many of our online clients.

All our supplements can be purchased at our shop.com affiliate site.

Follow these links to our best sellers:        Be sure to scroll down the page to find science facts and FAQs

ISOTONIX ~ Watch this video to understand why ISOTONIX has a superior nutrient delivery system which creates superior results!

Isotonix Multi-Vitamin: The best one serving a day vitamin on the market; formulated with or without iron. We reccomend the 90 day size for the best price break.

Isotonix OPC-3: A unique blend of anti-oxidants that create a powerful anti-inflammatory response often significatnly reducing joint and muscle pain.

Isotonix B - Complex: Most people know that B vitamins play a direct role in increasing one's energy, but did you know that B vitamins also assist the body in boosting metabolism and coping with stress? Get an extra fat-burning boost with B

Isotonix Calcium Plus: an inexpensive excellent blend of Calcium, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D to assit in much more than just Bone health.

Love our ISOTONIX already? Save 29% by purchasing our specially priced DAILY ESSENTIALS KIT:  Multi-Vitamin, OPC-3, B - Complex, and the Calcium Plus . Use  each supplement consistently each day as directed and enjoy the immediate difference in the way you feel! Most experience more energy, better brain performance, increased stamina, and better sleep from the combination of these four!

We suggest that you search out ISOTONIX brand vitamins for whatever nutrients you may be using that in the vitamin and mineral catagory to take advantage of the unique bioavailability of these supplements. More effecitiveness for your money! Search for your favorite vitamin at www.shop.com/thefire!

Not all supplements can be made into isotonic capable solutions. Herbs and other nutriceutical compounds may need to be in capsule or tablet form to do their best. This is the case with our TLS Weight Loss Accelerators:

There are four supplements that assist our local and online clients with many aspects of weight loss. Many think I shouldn't need a supplement, and that their will power alone will create results. This may be true in some circumstances, but in practical application in our studio we have see the results with and without the supplements. Those who select the weight loss accelerators that are the best for them burn more fat, have an easier time ignoring cravings, increase their energy faster, and cope better with the stress that often derails the best of plans.

Here are brief descritions of the four TLS Weight Loss Accelerators. If you are not sure which is best for you please contact one of our trainers for guidance.

THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION (find these products at the link to our site www.shop.com/thefire)

TLS CORE: Stop the Cravings

TLS Tonalin CLA: Target stubborn hip and belly fat!

TLS Thermochrome: If you are not caffiene sensitive and have been drinking soda, tea and coffee, trade in those "caffinated" beverages for a sophisticated nutriceutical with hearbal caffiene and other thermogenic ingriedients to boost your metobolism and your mood!

TLS ACTS (Adrenal, Cortisol, and Thyroid Support): Let's face it, stress happens! This synergistic blend of adaptegenic natural compounds will equip your body to cope with stress in a more effective way resulting assisting with anxiety and increasing the quality of your sleep.

TLS OFFERS 3 Specially priced KITS!





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