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Kam ParkerKam Parker, B.A., CPT  Kamthetrainer@yahoo.com

Certified Master Physical Fitness Specialist, The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research

A Personal Trainer for over 25 years combined experience in weight loss, weight lifting, fat-burning, endurance training, rehabiliatation, injury recovery, and motivation!

Most personal trainers have had to overcome their own personal challenges. Kam has been fortunate to be healthy most of her life.  At 15, Kam made some unusual decisions for a teenager. She gave up television, embraced nutrition and exercise and started telling her frie

nds they needed to take vitamin supplements to stay healthy. At 19 she joined the U.S. Marine Corps. The demands of bootcamp and military service solidified her dedication to physical fitness. Influenced by other health-conscious marines, she changed the way she ate based on Nathan Pritikin’s book, “Diet for Runners.” This book explained in simple terms, what other fitness greats like Kenneth Cooper and Dean Ornish would dedicate their lives to: “What you eat and how you live your life, can prevent a heart attack or give you one.”

A Military Background in Fitness

After the Marines, Kam chose to continue her military adventure in the Coast Guard. This time bootcamp ended with Kam receiving seven awards including the highest graduation score, the best fitness score, and the award that meant the most to her: Most Supportive Coastie ~ an award given by her peers to the person that helped them the most to succeed during boot camp. Kam continued to educate those around her on the benefits of eating healthy foods and working out. Her unit recognized her dedication and sent her to Kenneth Cooper’s Institute of Aerobic Research. There in Dallas, Texas, she became certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist and returned to develop and implement a corporate wellness program emphasizing a healthy and smoke-free workplace.

Overcoming the Odds with Diet and Exercise

To her surprise, in 2001, Kam experienced a cancer diagnosis of Melanoma, level 2. At the time her physician gave her 5 years to live. She re-dedicated her life to teaching fitness and health to assist others in reaching their health goals and preventing this terrible disease. Fortunately, Kam has not had a re-occurance, and now her prognosis is unknown, which she says means, “I may live forever!” On November 8th, 2009, Kam ran her first marathon, 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 51 minutes. Since then, she has ran 4 more marathons, and plans on her first ultra of 50 miles next year in celebration of her 50th birthday. (She is 48 in the picture you see here.) Why set such a crazy goal? Kam believes each of us needs a goal that is hard enough to PULL us forward. Often people say they want to make a change, but their "why" isn't big enough to compell a change. She encourages all of her clients to pick a "dream," a big "why" that will cause them to honor themselves with LOVE, CARE and self-respect!

IF you can't think of a why, Kam reminds us that: "In all the universe, in all of time, past, present and future, you are a singular event. Never before and never again will YOU be, and therefore because YOU are unique in this world, you have and inherent value to all of us, your community, your nation, the world!" YOU are important and you deserve to feel your best, be happy and live the life you desire. She says, "Give yourself permission to be the best version of yourself starting right now!"

Kam wants you to know the pursuit of your best you, fit and lean, is the same lifestyle that decreases your chances of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and most cancers. Yeah! Being healthy rocks! And Kam will show you how to integrate fitness into your lifestyle.

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