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April Dennis, B.A., CI - CPT Apriljoysfire@yahoo.com

Cooper Institue - Certified Personal Trainer - 12 years experience in personal transformation

April Dennis, a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and also a Cooper Institute certified personal trainer, has a health related story many mothers may identify with. In 1996 after two children, and gaining over 40 pounds of fat, April began to suffer from severe headaches, bloating and a depressing level of fatigue. With dark circles under her eyes, she went for brain scans and other medical procedures that offered no solutions. Eventually, a friend recommended an iridologist who informed her that she may be suffering from food sensitivities. April launched into a lifestyle transformation embracing the healthy fare of mostly fruits, vegetables, fish, brown rice and quinoa. She spent time walking every afternoon for 45 to 60 minutes. Over the course of five months, she dropped from 155 to 115 while raising two young boys and running a tropical fish collection business. She did it!

Healthy Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching

During the last few years, April allowed foods she had been previously sensitive to, to reenter her lifestyle. At first there was no effect, and the freedom of being less menu-challenged seemed safe. Slowly, her weight began to creep back up. In 2007, in her junior year of college, April experienced a severe break of her right ankle. The break put her on crutches for four months. During this time, she had the opportunity to reflect on her personal goals, and the difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She renewed her dedication to her own health goals. She also realized she was destined to assist others in adopting a healthy lifestyle by recognizing their food sensitivities or addictions. 

April wants her clients to know healthy food can taste wonderful and be enjoyed! She’s doing it again! So can you!

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