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The TLS Weight Loss Solution

 Join us this Saturday for the Best weight Loss Seminar in WNC

TLS 101 will teach you exactly what you need to do to lose weight and keep it off.


The Fire Personal Training Studio

736 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805

1:30 pm to 5:00 pm

 Your featured TLS Weight Loss Trainer :

Kam Parker, BA, CI-CPT 

Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Expert

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TLS Weight Loss 101

TLS information for
Individuals who desire permanent Weight Loss.

For every age and fitness level.
June 24

TLS Weight Loss 201

TLS Weight Loss Business Training: Learn how to Coach Weight Loss and Wellness Next Business Seminar TBA


The acronym TLS is the TRANSITIONS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM, a system of weight loss

designed to transiton a person from fat-storing mode to fat-burning mode.

TLS is now known as The TLS Weight Loss Solution


TLS Weight Loss Solution is based on four pillars, when combined, result in permanent weight management. Lose fat and keep it off!

1) Low-glycemic IMPACT EATING (Maintaining Blood sugar levels to create fat-burning)

2) Body Compostion (Maintaining muscle while burning FAT)

3) Science based Supplementation (stop the struggle; set yourself up for success)

4) Education (Understanding how to maintain healthier leaner lifestyle)

TLS 101 is designed to give you foundational education on the science of weight loss.

TLS 201 is geared toward individuals who would like to earn income in the field of Weight Loss.  

TLS® 101 and 201 Seminars are required to become a Certified TLS Weight Loss Coach,

and to achieve the bi-annual TLS Weight Loss Solution Business Challenge.

For more information on the benefits of and the requirements to become a CERTIFIED TLS Weight Loss Coach,

please contact the person who introduced you to this program. 

 TLS 101 and 201 Tuition are non-refundable,

but can be transferred on case by case basis. 

For more Information Contact:

April Dennis, MA Professional Coordinator, BA, CI-PT,  

cell 828-712-6266 or AprilJoysFire@yahoo.com.

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