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The Domino Effect is the philosophy of The Fire Online Personal Training and Weight Loss Coaching. With many years of experience, we know the key to lasting, feeling-great-and-fit weight loss is getting each Domino in place. Everyone, under 50 or over 50, who needs to lose the first 10 of a 100 pounds, or the last 10 pounds, wants to lose weight on their own. Yet, you may not understand all the aspects of a healthy fat-burning lifestyle so you can keep it off! Each healthy change a person needs to put in place is like a row of dominoes  Sleep, food, water, exercise, accountability, celebration, fun... What if you are missing a domino? Do you know how to discover it? Do you know how to work around an injury or a food addiction? Wellness and weight loss are a science, an expertise. We are fitness detectives that help you find out what you need to get the results you desire. Let us help you create The Domino Effect in your life! 



 Wellness, Weight Loss and Anti-Aging  Services  

Personal Training

Having a Personal Trainer is like having a personal Healthy LIfestyle Compass. A trainer will keep you on track for your fitness and weight loss goals. We focus on safe, effective, functional fitness exercises at a pace you can enjoy. While we specialize in fitness for folks over 50 and beginners of any age we work with all ages and fitness levels. You don't need to be superhuman to feel super! We will also provide "homework" sessions to support knee health and easy travel workouts. 

Weight Loss Coaching

scale with tape measure

Online Weight Loss Coaching is about customizing what you need for your age, fitness level, budget and your personality. All of our trainers teach the same 4 principles of safe permanent lifestyle-focused weight loss, and each of those principles are applied according to your body-type, age, weight loss goals, fitness levels and your schedule! Our Coaches discover what you need to be successful!Get started today by filling out our Client Success questionaire. 

Health Consultation

Often people know what to do to get healthy, but do not have strategies for when their plans are derailed. Or maybe what you "know" from the past isn't working anymore. What are all the pieces to your Weight Loss and Wellness puzzle? Working with your Health Consultant ensures you KNOW the steps to live a healthier lifestyle. Your Health Consultant guides you on your weight loss journey, holds you accountable, and assists you in getting all the puzzle pieces in place.  

If you are over 50, pushing 60 or at home wondering how to make your 70s the best years of your life, you have found the right online personal training site. It is never too late to focus on balance, agility, strength and the anti-aging principles of Functional fitness. In other words, working with our trainers ensures you are doing all you can to make your life easier. Fit over 50 is about consistent safe strengthening routines, and understanding how to eat to feed, and protect, your body and mind!

Our Health and Wellness Packages


Personal Training  



As you may well know, understanding how to create effective, fun, functional fitness workouts is an expertise. Our Certified Personal Trainers specialize in YOU. We make sure your online workouts keep you safe and our based on your goals and your fitness level. Our training packages include lots of hints, tips, bells and whistles to empower you to succeed. Submit above to be on our waiting list and to learn more about this service.

Weight Loss Coaching

30 Day Transformation



You really want to lose weight and feel great! And you are ready to START right now with a 21 Day challenge. This is what you need to create fast healthy weight loss and lose the last 10 pounds or begin to lose 100 pounds. We include accountablity, the supplemental support, the menu plans, the recipes, and five 30 minute Fat-burning workouts per week with your Personal Coach & Trainer! Enter your name above and we will be in touch.

Health Consultation

60 DAY Total

Body Transformation


People often want to transform their life on their own but don't understand how to monitor, measure and adjust their wellness program to create success. Health Consultants piece together YOUR specific Health and Wellness puzzle. If you have always struggled with your weight, or you are over 50, we KNOW how to be sure you lose weight, burn fat and protect your muscle and metabolism. Submit your name above and we will be in touch soon.

 Practice Pak

A Gentle Approach to Weight Loss


You may be frustrated about your weight or tired of yo-yo diets or just don't know how to start. What if you just start with a few simple changes? Weight loss is a side effect of Wellness. Practice weight loss by focusing on 1 new habit each day for the next 8 days. People who "practice" weight loss report a boost in their self-esteem and confidence that leads them to making the next steps toward their Healthier Leaner Lifestyle. Learn more, submit your name above. 

Praise from our Clients and Coaches

Sarah R. ~ "I can help you!," three simple words said to me by Kam Parker, the lead trainer of The Fire. 45 pounds later I am the healthiest I have ever been overcoming chronic pain and headaches, as well as feeling wonderful about myself. I am now one of The Fire's Weight Loss Coaches, and I am happy to pay it forward by guiding others in a healthier beauty from the inside out!  

Joe J. ~  I did it and so can you! Seven years ago, by following The Fire's proven methods I lost over 100 pounds of fat and gained over 15 pounds of muscle. Though a fused hip had been an "obstacle" in the past, my four children became my reason, instead of  my excuse, to get healthy! Now I am one of The Fire's Personal Trainers and Weight Loss Coaches so I can pay what I learned forward.                                             




All services, information and advice provided here at our site and by our personal trainers, weight loss coaches, Health consultants, or staff is NOT intended as, nor can it be, a substitute for the care, advice or professional services provided by your licensed health care provider. IF you feel you have a medical problem or any condition that would interfer with your ability to safely workout please consult with your health care provider immediately. 

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